About Cheken

First, Cheken is a  contraction, and sounds like poultry that’s into FourSquare. I’m not into FourSquare, by the way. It screams, “I’m not home! Rob me!”.  And who cares where I am with GPS accuracy besides my mom, anyway?

Hi, mom.

I’m a mid-20’s mom with Crohn’s Disease and following my brainy engineer husband around until a school gives him tenure to go to school. I have one (1) child and three (3) cats. I’m a trained chef but choose to hustle in the name of the greater good.

I nearly died having my one (1) child, and am dealing with that with oversharing.

Despite my pedigree, I have much love for greasy spoons, velveeta, and all things covered in breading and/or gravy and/or ranch dressing.

I am a proficient but lazy crafter, and can only finish a project with a deadline.

I live reluctantly in Texas. I have little to no filter. A lot of things will be TMI. But TMI with a clown nose, I’ll try to keep it light.


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