This Day in History

16 Jul

Six years ago today, I got married to Dr. (then Mr.) Horrible. We were wee babes. We were very happy, and we still are. Strategically, I also planned the wedding to be on my half-birthday.

Forever and ever, amen.

One year ago today, it was D-day. Five year anniversary. Mr. Horrible’s dissertation was due, and I had risky surgery to fix everything that went wrong after Anna was born. I was utterly non-chalant until in the prep-room, where I clutched a rosary, trying to remember the Hail Mary, and trying to extract life-force itself from it. The anesthesiologist, who looked fresh off a peyote ranch, was the catalyst. The reminder that you should not get sick in July didn’t help, and being introduced to the resident that would be in on the surgery. The beloved surgeon assured me, repeatedly, that she would be watching only. The last thing I remember, loopy on the versed they just dripped in before putting in the epidural, was telling them that the tattoo is intentionally funny.

Today, Crohn’s gets in the way of our anniversary yet again, but under much happier circumstances.


I am not running, but I’m cheering on those that do, and I’m so SO proud of what they do. The new normal works.


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