Thesis statement

3 Feb

My posts thus-far have been very Crohn’s Disease heavy. This is not my intention as an overall “vision” of my blog. I hope to progress to more general drivel over time and just have the Crohn’s humming in the background, as it typically does in my life. However, for me to be any sort of reliable narrator of the story, I feel that I need to share the background. I try not to have the disease define me, but at times, it’s unavoidable. Some days, months, years even, it does take over. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try to live around it!

So, bear with me. I promise more to come like food, and ridiculous tirades, and tips for grooming for a doctor appointment and other such fun. I feel like since I got that behemoth of a birth story off my brain, for the most part. There’s still the 3 months after of constant trips back to the hospital and six months AFTER THAT until the second fix-it surgery, but that can come later.


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